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Buying Guide for TaylorMade Golf Club Bags

When you're looking to get out on the golf course, TaylorMade golf bags allow you to do so with all of your clubs in one location. These bags come in an array of color options that include standard black, white, and gray options as well as vibrant colors like blue, red, green, and yellow. While you're shopping for the right new or used TaylorMade golf bag on eBay, you can select from many different types, such as cart and stand bags.

Main types of affordable TaylorMade golf bags to select from

TaylorMade golf bags come in a variety of styles and types to match how you play. These include:

  • Cart bags - Cart bags are designed to be paired with a golf cart as opposed to walking with them from hole to hole. They usually weigh around 6 to 8 pounds without clubs being placed inside. The pockets on these bags are designed for easy access whether you're walking or riding a cart.
  • Staff bags - These are big and roomy bags that usually weigh over 10 pounds and come with a substantial number of pockets for all kinds of accessories.
  • Carry bags - These are lightweight bags that typically weigh around 2 to 3 pounds and are meant to be carried on the course.
  • Stand bags - This type of bag is equipped with two retractable legs that can be used to prop the bag up while you're hitting your next shot.
Are the number of dividers in a golf bag important?

The number of dividers that are available in a golf bag can factor into your golf game. Pro golfers typically have a large number of dividers in their golf bag to separate the golf clubs from one another, which keeps the clubs from being damaged. A lower number of dividers means that you won't need to find the right divider every time you use a club. Some dividers can also extend the full length of the bag to reduce club contact. When selecting a used TaylorMade golf bag, the number of dividers that they are equipped with can range from two to 15.

Types of features that can be included with golf bags

If you want to carry your TaylorMade golf bag like a backpack where the weight is evenly distributed across both shoulders, look for bags that include dual strap systems. If you tend to carry valuables or beverages with you while playing, consider bags that come with many pockets. Additional features include a putter well, an umbrella holder, and a rain hood.

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