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Find Buckets, Attachments, and Accessories for Your Toro Heavy Equipment

The Toro brand has supplied heavy equipment to commercial enterprises and individuals for over a century. Their skid, grapple, and steer loaders use bucket attachments featuring various accessories to help you maintain your lawn or to remove snow, brush, and other debris. If you already own Toro heavy skids or steers and would like to replace their buckets or attachments, eBay has the affordable attachments you need.

What kinds of Toro buckets and attachments are available?

eBay offers several kinds of high-quality buckets or attachments for your Toro. In some cases, one bucket may be a solution for several skids or steer loader models. Some of the most common Toro parts may include:

  • Rock bucket - Unlike some other skid and steer attachments, the Toro rock bucket has spaces to allow rocks and small debris to fall through it. You may wish to use this accessory when removing only large rocks from a job site.
  • Tooth bucket - Toro tooth buckets have teeth on the end to tear landscape or loosen debris.
  • Grapple bucket - A grapple is similar to a bucket with teeth, but you can use it to catch and lower piles of brush or logs without dropping them.
  • Curb mover - These Toro attachments fit on the ends of miniature skid steer loaders.
What price ranges are available?

You might find heavy equipment attachments or small parts that can help you maintain them. Some price range options are:

  • Under $100 - Individual teeth or coupling units in this price range.
  • Under $500 - Toro buckets without extra attachments may be available in this price range.
  • Over $500 - Toro items that include teeth or special features could be in this price range.
How do you maintain Toro equipment?

The specific instructions for taking care of Toro loaders and their accessories can vary depending on the model. You may be able to use these tips as a guide:

  • Wash regularly - Most heavy loaders, like tractor loaders, will get dirty due to the nature of their work. You can prevent wear or corrosion by cleaning them regularly.
  • Lubricate parts - You can add lubrication to the moving attachments of your heavy-duty equipment. Any parts that can cause friction may benefit from regular lubrication.
  • Check machinery - Check for high temperatures or vibrations when the machinery is running.