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Trunk Lids & Parts for Oldsmobile Intrigue

Truck lids and parts for the Oldsmobile Intrigue allow owners of these older automobiles to repair or restore damaged and aging trunks. Whether you need to replace a rusted out trunk lid or a failed lift support, you can find the parts you need. Learn more about Oldsmobile Intrigues trunk parts and their applications below.

What component options for the Oldsmobile Intrigue are available?

The trunk parts that are available for Intrigue vehicles can replace damaged or faulty locking mechanisms. If you need to upgrade a damaged exterior frame underneath a trunk, you can replace the housing with any of the tailgates that are available. During a mechanical modification or repair project that involves faulty interior components, its possible to use any of the actuators, lift supports, lid latches, or other trunk-related parts that are available.

What Oldsmobile Intrigue trims are suitable for vintage accessories?

Many Oldsmobile Intrigue exterior and interior components are available for model year vehicles that were manufactured from 1997 to 2002. Most parts for the Oldsmobile have design specs that will fit the three main trims of the Oldsmobile Intrigue, which were the base GX, mid-level GL, and high-performance GLS.

How do you care for Oldsmobile Intrigue parts?

All of the trunk latches are made of steel material so harsh weather conditions wont harm the housing. In order to protect the finish on each latch, you must keep sharp objects that could possibly scratch the finish from the products after theyre mounted in place. The exterior parts that mount on the frame of an Oldsmobile can handle general weather conditions and typical environmental hazards. If dirt or mud stains a tailgate or spoiler, the surfaces can be cleaned with soap and water.

What equipment is needed to mount the components in place?

General maintenance tools, such as screwdrivers, wrenches, nuts, and bolts, are all youll need to mount the latches on this Oldsmobile vehicle. The tailgates with spoilers need to be mounted in place by replacing the existing parts or creating mounting holes if these parts dont have mounting spots. Interior components that mount inside the trunk can be secured with nuts and bolts. Original equipment manufacturer parts for an Oldsmobile offer the following benefits:

  • The Intrigue lid latch hardware will allow the trunk to be secured properly.
  • The aftermarket exterior Intrigue components can change the look and style of the Intrigue.
  • A seasoned technician can use the lift supports to repair the trunk lids suspension.
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