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Acura Integra Turn Signals

The Acura Integra is a luxury car manufactured by Acura, the luxury line of Honda. This model is a two-door coupe, and comes in both manual and automatic engine options. Drivers who opt to buy a luxury line vehicle such as this one should also be well informed on turn signal options in order to keep yourself and your car safe on the road.

Are turn signals required while driving on the road?

Yes, turn signals are always required to be fully and correctly functioning on any car that is on the public road. This is to ensure the safety of the driver and other drivers around them as well. Failure to have fully-functioning turn signals can result in a driving citation.

Is it legal to change the color of turn signals?

Generally, but with few exceptions, there are a few basic rules as far as function lights on motor vehicles and their color requirements. These same requirements are in place for the Acura Integra.

  • Lights facing the back of the car must emit red light.
  • Lights facing the sides, including turn signals, must emit amber light.
  • Lights facing forward on the front must emit yellow light.
Can turn signals for Honda models be used for the Integra?

Typically, the turn signals are designed to fit the specific model and year for which it is manufactured. Though Honda is the economy brand of the Acura Integra, the body shape of the other vehicles may not be the same, resulting in improper fit and function of the turn signal. Otherwise, it is strongly recommended that you use the turn signals that are manufactured for the specific year of Integra that you own.

Why are your turn signals blinking very fast?

Turn signals or hazard lights blinking abnormally fast is often a sign of a wiring issue with the bulb itself. It could be that the wiring has gotten loose or that the turn signal is going out completely. A temporary fix can be to uninstall the signal and rotate it 180 degrees before reinstalling it. The signal will likely need to be replaced with a new one in the near future.

How do you tell your turn signal is going out?

Many vehicles will exhibit some sort of indication of a turn signal going out before it has completely stopped functioning. The Acura Integra will likely have one or more of the following indications:

  • The turn signal or hazard lights will not turn on sometimes despite having flipped the switch.
  • The turn signals or hazard lights remain on despite having flipped them to the off position.
  • Other lights on the car begin to malfunction.