USB Cables

USB Cables

The USB is the most important component for mobile users because it allows charging and data connections between devices. There are many different varieties of USB cables that have been created over the years for cell phones, digital cameras, storage devices, computer peripherals, extension cables, device adapters, and much more. Due to the demand in manufacturing and wide availability, there are many options for USB cables with many types of adapters or extension cables on the market.

What is the USB port?

USB simply means Universal Serial Bus and it was designed for data and power transfer from the built-in ports. It was made to replace legacy serial ports that had very sluggish performance and that came without the transfer of power. The tip of the cable is inserted into the computer, and the smaller tip is to be used with mobile devices or external accessories.

The connector of the USB cable that inserts into computers is generally universal and comes in 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, and 3.0 varieties with varying transfer speeds. You will find revisions that include USB A, Type-C, USB-C, and many revisions of micro connectors.

What is Micro USB type B?

Micro USB type B is now one of the most popular variants of the USB cable due to the prominence of Android devices. It has that familiar small, flat plug that is universally compatible with a large majority of modern cell phones. Most micro USB type B connectors are capable of transferring data, tethering, and charging. However, it is different than other micro-cables, like mini-b.

How fast is USB C?

This USB standard, USB C, is capable of achieving transfer rates of up to 10 gigabytes per second and is competitive with the Thunderbolt cable. It is fast enough that manufacturers are considering switching other cables, like audio cables, to purely USB-C.

Type-C is still in the early stages of the market, and it is expected to be used more in the near future. There are also plans to make higher speed revisions to maximize data transfer rates.

Is there a USB to USB cable?

Depending on the context, there are extension cable available for just about any type of USB. There are also some proprietary or obscure connections that allow for the bridging of multiple devices. Therefore, while USB to USB is not the typical connection, you do have some options to make this happen.

What are the different wires in a USB cable?

Opening up the cable, you will find different colored wires. The red-colored cable is the 5V power connection that delivers power to the device. Black wires are simply the grounding that you will find in most wires. The white and green cables are used to transfer data.

What is a male cable?

A connector that is male simply means that it is designed to plugin to the port, which is also known as the female. When you are shopping for cables to connect to your devices, you should especially be careful about whether you are buying male or female so that you will get what you need.