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Uniden 2 Cordless Home Telephones & Handsets

Simple Ways to Expand Your Uniden Cordless Phone System

A cordless phone system gives you the freedom to use your telephone without being connected to a wall outlet or corded base. Uniden is a known manufacturer of these cordless phone products. Here are the features that make them a convenient choice for homes and offices.

What types of multiline cordless phone systems are available?

Uniden cordless systems usually contain a base unit that includes a handset, dialer, and a paging button to locate or notify other phones of incoming calls. Many are equipped with a built-in digital answering system. There are several models of Uniden DECT systems that have features including a:

  • Digital display screen with backlighting
  • Dial pad, often with illuminating buttons
  • Caller ID display that may have memory and scrolling capability
  • Speakerphone for hands-free operation
  • Memory feature that allows you to store phone numbers for quick dialing
How many handsets can be added to a two-line system?

Uniden phones are available as single-line or two-line models. There are also phone systems that can accommodate up to four incoming lines. A traditional one- or two-line phone system usually comes with two or three phones. Many are expandable, allowing for up to 10 users.

Are replacement handsets for cordless phones available for purchase?

You can purchase expansion or replacement sets for Uniden phones with DECT technology. These phones are designed to work with either a corded or cordless base unit.

  • The cordless handset
  • A battery that may be preinstalled
  • A base that stores and charges the cordless phone
  • An AC adapter cord that connects to the charger and plugs into an electrical wall outlet
How do you replace a handset properly?

Your expansion or replacement unit will not work until it has been registered and paired with your existing Uniden cordless phone. A replacement handset kit will include instructions. However, many cordless phones follow a similar method. There are two methods to register units. The first method requires you to locate the register or pairing function in the settings menu. Press the paging button from the base unit and enter the pairing code you set up for the original units. In the second method, you start by fully charging the replacement unit. Once charged, place the handset in the main unit. Youll either here a series of tones or see a message on the display telling you that the unit is registered and ready for use.

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