Universal 7 Inch Tablet & eBook Reader Cases, Covers & Keyboard Folios

Protect Any Tablet with Universal eReader Cases or Covers

Tablets are available in several configurations from a variety of brands. If youre concerned about tablet case or cover compatibility, you may wish to purchase a universal 7-inch tablet case. These cases are designed to fit models of the appropriate size from any brand or product line, and you can find many choices on eBay.

Do 7-inch tablet cases come with any accessories?

Universal 7-inch tablet cases are available in several forms. Each type of universal case may include additional accessories to enhance its functionality. The types of accessories you get will depend on the case or cover form you choose. Some common case types with accessories include:

  • Folding - This is the standard universal 7-inch tablet case. A cover will fit over your tablets screen, but a case will fit over its whole body. You can unfold the case to access the tablet.
  • Keyboard - Some folding cases for universal 7-inch tablets will include a small keyboard on the underside panel to increase your tablets functionality.
  • Shell - A hard shell may include bumpers on the edges to give your 7-inch tablet increased protection from impacts.
  • Pouch - A pouch or sleeve for your tablet may include additional slots for cards or small items.
What kinds of designs can you get?

Youll find a selection of thousands of cases or covers for your 7-inch tablet on eBay. Many of these items feature unique designs or characters from some of your favorite entertainment franchises. If you would like a universal case featuring a design you like, some of the things youll find on eBay are characters from Marvel or DC comics, Disney film characters, Star Wars characters, and floral or abstract designs.

What materials are available for a universal 7-inch tablet case?

Universal 7-inch tablet cases or covers are available in a wide variety of materials. You can choose from base materials such as genuine or faux leather, metal, hard plastic, vinyl, and silicone. Some reasons to consider a particular material are:

  • Texture - You may prefer your universal 7-inch tablet case to have a smooth texture, but you can choose something rougher that provides grip as well.
  • Appearance - Some materials take on certain finishes, such as glossy or matte, are available in multiple colors, or have unique design elements.
  • Durability - You can choose a universal 7-inch tablet case that is designed to offer the maximum in impact protection.