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What You Need to Know About VIA Computer Motherboards

There are more and more devices and displays around us every day, and automated technology is taking over tedious tasks in various industries. Each piece of hardware needs to be controlled by a motherboard of some sort, but it's not often possible to place a standard computer near every display. That's where small motherboards and chipsets come into the picture.

Which CPUs Are VIA Motherboards Compatible With?

The company used to make motherboard chipsets compatible with Intel and AMD processors. These chipsets were then used by other motherboard makers.

  • Chipsets for Intel and AMD: There are no chipsets from the company for modern AMD and Intel CPUs, such as Intel's Core processors. Older chipsets were compatible with older Intel CPUs (mostly Pentium IV and older) and older AMD CPUs, such as the KT133 chipset for Socket A. The company stopped making chipsets for Intel and AMD in 2008.
  • Chipsets and Motherboards for Other CPUs: The company's motherboards are compatible with other processors designed by the company itself, and some are also compatible with ARM SoC (system-on-chip) architecture. In January 2018, the brand announced that it would be working on new X86 processors in the near future. No information was provided regarding the motherboards or chipsets these new processors would use.

What Types of Motherboards Does VIA Offer?

As of early 2018, the brand offers boards in three form factors with different processor compatibility and features. These are:

  • Pico-ITX: These tiny boards are just 10 cm x 7.2 cm in size. Device manufacturers use them in thin and light devices, such as thin clients and digital signage. Two types of Pico-ITX models are available. The VAB series uses ARM Cortex SoC architecture and consumes minimal power. An example is the VAB-1000, which features 2 GB of DDR3 RAM and includes USB 2.0 and HDMI connectivity. Moreover, the EPIA series of Pico-ITX boards use the brand's own Eden and QuadCore processors in a fanless package.
  • Embedded Boards:These embedded 3.5-inch models offer low power consumption, and functionality and performance ideal for embedded applications, such as in digital signage or industrial automation. You can find an ARM-based one and an X86-based one that uses an Eden CPU.
  • Mini-ITX: The company introduced the mini-ITX form factor in 2002 and has since produced several embedded models featuring the small 17 by 17 centimeter size. These motherboards, such as the EPIA-M920, feature Eden, QuadCore, or Nano CPUs and the brand's own chipset. Connectivity includes Ethernet; COM and USB ports; and HDMI, VGA, or LVDS ports for video. According to the brand, these models support extended temperature ranges, allowing manufacturers to use them in devices made for challenging environments.