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Board games still remain a great way to pass the time with friends and family. Some board games come with simply designed pieces, while others have highly detailed figurines that come with pieces and parts that can even be collected. The games available from Wargames Factory can range from simple party games to fantasy, RPG, and games where you are waging war against your opponent.

What kind of games are available from Wargames Factory?
  • Fantasy: Some of the titles from Wargames Factory focus on heavy fantasy elements. There are often miniatures made with high-quality sprue molds that represent zombies, guards, zombie soldiers, infantry, shock troops, and various weapon types.
  • Strategy: Strategy games typically require very high situational awareness as the game progresses. These usually mean people have to use their heads and control certain sections of the board strategically using highly detailed figures.
  • Party: While Wargames Factory doesnt produce many party titles, they do have a broad variety of mainstream brands available. They typically offer a base edition and expansion packs.
  • Travel: These games are frequently magnetic versions of old classics that can be played in the car on a road trip because they are portable.
What brands are available at Wargames Factory?
  • Avalon Hill: Their miniatures and figure models are legendary for the detail on the infantry, troopers, heavy weapons, and guard figures.
  • Fantasy Flight: Those who want more fantastic games can check out this manufacturer at Wargames Factory. Their sprue items include many types of weapon models, including 28mm castings. They also produce various figures such as zombie soldiers, shock troops, and even creatures who have lost their heads.
  • Hasbro: While this manufacturer is more well-known for party titles, they actually have a broad variety of titles. Wargames Factory provides many of the base titles with some expansion packs also available.
What 28mm sci-fi and fantasy miniatures are available from Wargames?

Wargames Factory is known for producing miniatures of great detail that are used in game play but are also collected. They produce several miniature ranges in the sci-fi and fantasy genre that have been designed based on ideas and designs submitted by consumers, including the following:

  • Alien Suns have Shock Troop greycoats, which are 18 multi-part sci-fi troopers, and Shock Troop heavy weapons, which include both weapons and crews.
  • Dark Futures has multi-part males and females (which are called zombie vixens) and Apocalypse men and women survivors, which also come in multi-parts with weapons as well.
  • Myths & Legends has orc warriors and skeleton warriors available in a variety of colors and piece styles.
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