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Web Design Software and HTML Editors

Whether you are building your own site or studying web development, it's essential to have the right software. HTML editors allow source code level editing which is ideal for students who need to learn the foundations of HTML. Web design programs that have a more user-friendly visual interface can be used by business owners to build websites.

What do you need to create HTML web pages?

Use a dedicated HTML editor program if you want to have helpful features like syntax highlighting and code checking built in. HTML, like other programming languages, has evolved over time. The program should support the version of HTML that you will be coding and the medium that you intend to be developing for.

When HTML was first created, web page creation and display were confined to desktop browsers. Much has changed with the use of mobile devices and mobile apps. HTML 5 is the version to support the features necessary for app and mobile development in 2017.

What is web development software?

A web development program provides a coding environment with additional capabilities that can affect your site's content and design layout. These programs may add the ability to create web albums, add animations based on user actions, or include videos on web pages. Most software types support more languages and design standards like Java or CSS. The actual options will vary with the program.

A good example of a web authoring program is Kompozer. Kompozer has an integrated development environment (IDE) with WYSIWYG capabilities. This program presents your HTML syntax and design in a visual manner. It is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac computers.

These programs can be complex, with features added over time as upgrades. Using an upgrade may require a software license for an earlier version. Consult the system and software requirements prior to purchase.

How do HTML editors help a programmer or student?

Websites can be composed of dozens or hundreds of HTML pages. For the ease of adding pages or making corrections, the HTML code must be organized and composed in such a way that it is readable. An HTML editor can be configured to automatically indent based on syntax. Using an HTML editor or web development software also helps developers to organize their work so it can be reposted. This assures consistency through the development cycle.

Are HTML editors the same on Windows or Mac?

You can create HTML pages on either platform. All browsers support the HTML standard. If you will be creating IOS mobile applications using HTML and other languages like Javascript or CSS, then you will need to develop on the Mac system. This is because IOS uses Xcode and the Swift language which runs only on Mac computers. You will need a Mac-specific HTML editor or web authoring program.