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Wedding Aisle Runners

It’s your big day, and you want it to go without a hitch. When you take that long-awaited walk down the aisle, you'll feel like a superstar with a wedding aisle runner beneath your feet. From classic and understated to flashy and fun, aisle runners help you make the wedding decor statement you desire.

What is a wedding aisle runner made of?

Wedding aisle runners come in a variety of materials to fit your needs. Runners may be made of paper, plastic, cloth, or carpeting. Plastic aisle runners are beneficial for covering soft or muddy ground during outdoor weddings. Paper runners are affordable and disposable. Cloth aisle runners add rich beauty to your decor, as do the durable and reusable real carpet runners. Burlap aisle runners are well suited to rustic weddings.

How long does an aisle runner need to be?

The necessary length of your wedding aisle runner depends on your venue and preference. Generally, aisle runners are used to line the aisle that the wedding party will walk to reach the stage, podium, or alter. Stage areas or other entryways may also need to be covered. Some use a fixture such as a doorway or staircase as the starting point of the runner; others desire the runner to end only when out of sight of the wedding guests.

Visit your venue and visualize the wedding ceremony atmosphere you wish to create. Then, measure the aisle area you wish to cover with the aisle runner.

What style of wedding aisle runners are available?

There are various aisle runners available, but you should take in the following considerations when making your choice:

  • Wedding colors - White is a classic wedding color, denoting innocence and purity. White runners also provide a backdrop for the flower girl's petals. Contemporary weddings employ a variety of additional colors, including red, purple, pink, and blue. Consider choosing an aisle runner that complements your ceremony's colors.
  • Reuse - Do you plan to reuse your aisle runner? If you plan to use it again at a later event, consider purchasing a more durable cloth or carpet runner.
  • Cleanliness - Plastic wedding aisle runners are often used to cover unfavorable ground conditions at outdoor weddings. Plastic runners are waterproof, and therefore protect delicately hued shoes and gown trains from mud and other stains. If you’re using your runner in an area where it may be tracked with mud or debris, such as at a guest entry, consider using a disposable runner or one made from washable cloth. Colored runners may be preferable to white in areas where the item may become soiled.
  • Sweet Sentiments - Some wedding aisle runners are printed with charming wedding sentiments, such as "Love," "Always and Forever," "Here Comes the Bride," or images such as hearts and flowers. Others can be personalized with the wedding date and the names of the couple. If you'd like your wedding aisle runner to send a message, consider this style.