Wempe is a high-end gift and watch company with headquarters located in Hamburg, Germany. Gerhard Diedrich Wilhelm Wempe opened his first shop in 1878, and his company has made timepieces and jewelry ever since. Watches and gift items from Wempe are made from a variety of exquisite gemstones and metals.

What type of watches does Wempe make?

Mechanical watches are available in different styles including dress, diving, aviator, and pocket timepieces. Most Wempe watches feature second hand movement and calendar mechanisms. All watches and timepieces made by the company must pass stringent chronometer standards and testing. They offer hand-wound wrist watches for both men and women, using high-quality Swiss time movements.

Wempe produces two main lines of watches: the Zeitmeister and the Chronometerwerke. The Chronometerwerke collection focuses on hand-wound manufactured movements. Here are a few products from the Wempe Zeitmeister line of watches:

  • Sport Automatic Men's Watch
  • Sport Automatic Women's Watch
  • Chronograph with Moon Phase and Full Calendar
  • Aviator Watch Chronograph
How do you care for a Wempe watch?

A Wempe watch will keep accurate time when serviced every six months by a reputable watch repair shop. There are knowledgeable watchmakers in cities and towns across the U.S. who can clean Wempe watches and jewelry. The company has branches all over the world, with two locations in New York City. Each branch location has master watchmakers on staff who are skilled at carrying out small repairs and maintenance work. Additionally, the company recommends replacing leather wrist straps on a regular basis to keep the watch secure.

At a Wempe branch, watch service includes cleaning the watch spring and metal strap, checking the timing, and replacing the battery. A Wempe craftsman will clean and polish each exterior element and return your wristwatch in like new condition. Every function of the watch will be thoroughly tested before releasing it to the owner.

What other gift items does Wempe make?

Whether you want to celebrate a wedding, an engagement, or a birthday, Wempe makes unique items worth giving. Pendants, rings, and necklaces in topaz, citrine, amethyst, diamonds, and pearls are part of the Wempe jewelry line. Their lettering, layered, and bolero pendants make lovely bridesmaids gifts.

The creators at Wempe also make stunning jewelry pieces and watches in stainless steel, and white, rose, and yellow gold. You can find other fine gift items made by Wempe in categories such as:

  • Cufflinks
  • Lighters
  • Watch winders
  • Writing pens