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Take Your Photography to Another Level With a Cine Lens

A cine lens or cinema lens is designed to meet the rigorous needs of photography associated with filmmaking. These lenses are available on eBay from a variety of manufacturers. You can examine the top benefits and primary features of various cine lens models to choose the one that suits your specific scenarios.

How does a cine lens work?

Many cine lenses are useful for capturing continuous motions such as those you will find in filmmaking. However, you can also use cine lenses for still photography. Even if you do not need to record continuously, the exceptional video quality of these lenses can provide you with sharp, crisp stills. In most cases, you will still choose features and options for the cine lens the same as you would for any other lens type. This includes aspects such as the focal length, its type, how the lens focuses, and what kinds of mounts are compatible with it.

What does focal length mean?

The focal length of a cine lens is not a measurement of its actual length. It refers to the distance at which rays of light converge to make a sharp image on the sensor. A focal length rating tells you what the angle of view will be like for your camera and how much of the scene you're filming or shooting will end up as part of the finished product. It also helps you determine the level of magnification for objects in view. A longer focal length will narrow your field of view and increase the magnification levels.

What focal length options are there?

Some common cine lens focal lengths you'll find on eBay include:

  • 8mm
  • 16mm
  • 24mm
  • 35mm
  • 50mm
Are there different types of cine lenses?

You can browse eBay to choose a cine lens with specific attributes. Each type of cine lens is intended to produce an image or series of images with unique properties. Some common cine lens categories you can find on eBay include:

  • Fisheye - This lens is usually available in an ultra-wide format that produces an intentional visual distortion at the edges of the viewing area.
  • Pancake - Pancake is another term for a lens that acts as a primary viewer for a camera. It has a standard or slightly wide viewing angle.
  • Telephoto - This type of lens is ideal for taking shots of subjects at moderate or far distances.