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Curtains, Drapes, and Valances

Curtains, drapes, and valances are window treatments that serve both a decorative and utilitarian function. They can dress windows either alone or in conjunction with blinds and other types of window treatments. They come in a wide variety of materials, sizes, patterns, and colors.

What is the difference between a curtain, drape, and valance?

Valances are treatments that are applied at the top of the window in front of the curtain rod, and they are primarily decorative in function. A curtain and a drape are fairly similar, except a drape tends to be made of heavier material. A drape is usually attached to a rod with decorative hooks, while a curtain attaches to a rod without the hooks.

What materials are used to make drapes, valance, and curtains?

Window treatments can be made with almost any material, including satin, velvet, cotton, and polyester.

What are some standard sizes for window coverings?

Generally speaking, the width of a panel is 54 inches. The width of the entire covering can be adjusted according to how many panels there are. For window coverings that do not reach the floor, standard lengths are 24, 36, and 54 inches. Window coverings that reach the floor might measure 63, 84, 95 or 108 inches.

What is a grommet?

Grommets can be found on window curtains and drapes. A grommet is a piece of metal or plastic in a ring shape that is placed around a hole in the fabric. The curtain rod goes through the grommet holes so that the curtains can be moved on the rod.

What are sheer curtains and what are they made of?

Sheer curtains are a type of curtain that is translucent, allowing sunlight to filter through. Sheers are made of any one of several different materials, such as polyester and silk. Because they are translucent, they are lightweight, and they often feature rod pockets.

What is a blackout curtain or drape?

A blackout curtain is a curtain or drape that blocks out almost all light from outside. A backing is placed on the inside of a drape, which then blocks out all of the light. Any number of materials can be used to make the decorative portion of the blackout curtain.

What window curtains can be used for a blackout effect?

The decorative curtain panel can be made of any material. The curtain panel is then made into a blackout curtain through the addition of an opaque backing layer that is sewn onto the back of the curtain. This extra layer may have a vinyl component that keeps light from filtering through the window curtain.


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