Windows 98 computadoras portátiles y netbooks

See What You Can Do Using a Windows 98 Laptop

You can find a broad range of laptops on eBay that run the Windows 98 operating system. Each Windows 98 laptop can include various features and system tools that you might find useful or convenient. Getting to know some of the main features a Windows 98 laptop can offer you will help you choose the model that fits your preferences.

Can you choose a screen size for these laptops?

The size of your Windows 98 laptops screen might be of particular importance to you for both entertainment and professional uses. You can use the sidebar on eBay to select the screen size you want. The site can narrow the search options for you and find Windows 98 laptops that have the minimum screen size you prefer. Laptop screens measure diagonally in inches. You can find items with screen sizes such as 12, 13, or 14 inches in total.

What types of graphics processing can these laptops support?

Most Windows 98 laptops use one of two main graphics types to process visual data and send it to your screen. Both types have their uses, and the one you choose might depend on your intended primary use for the laptop. The two main types you will find on eBay are:

  • Dedicated: A dedicated graphics processor includes its own video card. This video card has a VRAM that it can use to process graphical data. Dedicated graphics can devote all their resources to rendering images and videos.
  • Integrated: An integrated graphics processor on a Windows 98 laptop works as part of the system. It uses the CPU and other resources to render graphics for you.
What are some advantages of a Windows 98 laptop?

You may see some benefits when you use a Windows 98 laptop. The precise pros could depend on the model you laptop you run or how you configured your system. However, some basic benefits you might discover are:

  • Hardware: The Windows 98 operating system and the types of laptops that run it might be able to make use of older processors from various brands.
  • Installation: You can install or modify the entire operating system from the DOS mainframe or a simple floppy disk. You can also boot a Windows 98 laptop in DOS mode.
  • Applications: Because you can boot a Windows 98 laptop in DOS, you can also use it to create or modify your existing applications.
  • Legacy programs: A Windows 98 laptop can run legacy programs that might not be compatible with other operating systems.
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