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Subaru Outback Windshield Wiper Systems

Imagine life if your Subaru Outback didn’t have windshield wipers. A moderate rainfall would be enough to keep your Subaru from driving on the road unless you had an emergency. When it comes to car parts, the Subarus windshield wiper system must be one of the unsung heroes.

How do the Subaru Outback wipers work?

Windshield wipers work via a motor and a worm gear, which is used when a system needs a big gear reduction. They are made of a screw-like rod called the worm that engages the ratchets of a gear. Because of the vehicles gear reduction, the torque that runs the Outbacks windshield wipers can increase by multiples. At the same time, the output speed can be slowed by the same multiples. This allows the Outbacks windshield wiper blades to sweep back and forth quickly to clear the vehicles windshield of all but the most torrential rain.

How do you clean Subaru Outback windshield wipers?

Clean the wipers at the same time you wash your Subaru Outback. Just lift them up from the glass and wipe under them with soap and a soft rag. Then, wipe down the blades. It is important that wipers stay free of dirt because grimy wipers can streak or scratch the glass of your Subaru autos windshield with its blades. Also, be sure to use an ice scraper to remove any snow or ice from the blades when the weather is extreme.

How do you change car windshield wiper blades?

Replacing blades on your Subaru vehicle is easy. Just slide them out and replace them as most have a clip or button to hold them in place to the window. Make sure that you check the level of the windshield washing fluid reservoir at the same time. The reservoir is found under the hood and is a plastic bottle that connects to the washers on the windshield wipers in this model. It should be full of liquid, and if it isn’t, just fill it up with windshield washing solution. If you live in a place that gets really cold in the winter, you can buy premium fluid with antifreeze mixed in for your Outback.

Where is the windshield wiper motor located?

It is found in the firewall of the engine of the Subaru Outback. You need to replace the wiper motor if it lets the wiper blades run at one speed, makes them stop in the wrong place, or does not move them at all. If you replace it yourself, you will also need to remove the wiper arms to access it.

What are intermittent windshield wipers?

These are models of wipers that are meant to stop briefly after a wipe. This keeps the blades from smearing the glass. To operate intermittent wipers, find the INT on the stalk by the steering wheel that controls the wipers on your Outback. You can adjust it to make the interval longer or shorter or cancel the intermittent mode and have the wipers run continuously.