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Toyota 4Runner Windshield Wiper Systems

Windshield wiper systems are designed to increase your visibility when you are driving. The different parts of this system must work together in order to swiftly remove rain drops, snowflakes, and other debris from your auto glass.

What are the types of windshield wiper blades for 4Runners?
  • Winter Wiper Blades: Winter wiper blades are designed for the time of the year when freezing rain, sleet, ice, or snow falls. The winter wipers have a thicker rubber blade that exerts more force to push the heavier frozen moisture off of your front or rear windshield.
  • All-Season Wiper Blades: All-season windshield wiper blades are used to clean rain and condensation off of your auto glass. The blades are designed to last for about three to six months of regular use. These blades are also used to clean your auto glass with windshield wiper cleaning solution.
  • Wiper Arms, Motors, and Pumps: When you replace the blades, it is also a good idea to check the arms, motors, and pumps. The power source for the windshield wiper blades may also need to be replaced if the cleansing solution becomes clogged or frozen.
How do you choose windshield wipers for the Toyota 4Runner?
  • Choose the placement on the vehicle: The front wipers on the vehicle usually wear out at the same pace, but they are typically different sizes. Be sure to measure each blade on each position of the vehicle. Toyotas also have a wiper for the rear window.
  • Select the type of wiper insert or system: Choose a refill wiper blade, a replacement metal arm, a replacement motor, or a pump for the windshield wipers.
  • Choose the manufacturer: The manufacturers of rear and front wipers include AC Delco, Bosch, Cardone Industries, Dorman, PIAA, Toyota, and Trico. There are also unbranded rubber wipers, arms, and motors.
How do you replace the 4Runners wiper blades?

The part of the vehicles windshield wipers that needs to be replaced the most often is the wiper blade. To replace the blades, place an old towel over your windshield to protect it in case the wipers arm snaps back. Remove the old blade by lifting the metal arm away from the windshield. Unhook the old wiper blade by releasing the plastic clip or pins. Slide the refill wiper blade into the arm. Pivot the blade until it snaps into place. Return the arm to its position against the glass.