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Women's Fedora/Trilby Hats

Hats are a timeless accessory, appealing to the old and young in every generation. Although shapes, brims, and crowns change over the years, certain styles of hats transcend trends. Fedora and trilby hats, for example, go back more than 100 years, yet their signature shapes survive, continuously reappearing in new colors and materials, on the heads of royals and commoners alike.

How do you choose the right size trilby or fedora?

Use a tape measure to find the horizontal circumference of your head. Purchase a hat with a size matching that number. Bear in mind that grosgrain bands in hats tend to shrink after being exposed to moisture, including sweat. Depending on the milliner or seller, hats in North America may be available in sizes marked as small, medium, or large. North America may also offer them in inch measurements or in Canadian hat measurements. Following is a concise list of size conversions:

  • Small: 21-1/8 to 21-1/2 inches, or 6-3/4 to 6-7/8
  • Medium: 21-7/8 to 22-1/4 inches, or 7 to 7-1/8
  • Large: 22-5/8 to 23 inches, or 7-1/4 -to 7-3/8
  • XLarge: 23-1/2 to 23-7/8 inches, or 7-1/2 to 7-5/8
  • XXLarge: 24-1/4 to 24-5/8 inches, or 7-3/4 to 7-7/8
What are fedora and trilby hats made of?

Traditionally, trilby and fedora hats are made of felted material, which could be wool, rabbit fur, or even beaver fur. They were intended to be worn for cold weather, and their names once connoted this detail. However, trilby and fedora now refer to a shape of the crown and brim, not merely a cold-weather-style of hat. As a result, they are now made from a range of materials, including the following:

  • Straw
  • Leather
  • Tweed
  • Nylon
  • Synthetic fabric blends
How do you wear fedora and trilby hats?

For a classic look, wear your fedora with the triangular pinch facing front, the front of the brim slightly turned down, and the back of the brim flipped up. Wear your trilby similarly or, for variation, with the entire brim flipped up or down. You can also wear either hat on a slant, so that one side of the brim skims the top of one of your ears or one of your eyebrows.

How do you re-size a shrunken trilby or fedora?

You can take your shrunken hats to a milliner for resizing, or you can purchase a small hat stretcher online and use it according to the manufacturer's instructions. With most trilby and fedora hats, it's the grosgrain sweatband that shrinks, not the hat itself. To resize the grosgrain, follow these steps:

  • Apply moisture to the grosgrain band.
  • Put your hat on your head.
  • Wear it until the sweatband stretches back to a comfortable fit.
  • Fill your hat's crown with tissue paper.
  • Let it sit for a few hours until it is fully dried.
Can women wear a trilby or a fedora?

Although originally worn by men, women now wear both the trilby hat and the fedora hat regularly. There is no difference in shape or construction between fedora and trilby hats for men and women. However, trilby hats and fedora hats for women are more likely to appear in vibrant, feminine colors.