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Reinvigorate a Hairstyle With Hair Clips for Women

Hair clips are accessories that have made it easier for women to add extra style to their hairdos in an uncomplicated manner. The pieces are ideal for all age groups, and they're appropriate for both casual and formal occasions. Whether you want new hair clips to match a special outfit or simply functional ones to keep your hair in place, there are plenty of options on eBay.

Can you find word or monogram hair clips?

Hair clips are available that are made up of letters, often to form words. Types include:

  • Personalised - It may be possible, depending on the length of the word or phrase you want, to get a hair clip made into a custom hair accessory sporting your name, nickname, or favourite saying. There are typically letter and number limits.
  • Existing words – Some hair clips already feature words and are ready to use. Word hair clips might form the words "star," "sweet," or "angel."
  • Initials – If you just want a large hair clip that features a single letter, like the initial of your first name, those are available as well.
True vintage original hair clips

If you're interested in vintage hair clips, it's important to know the difference between vintage and vintage-inspired clips. Vintage-inspired clips are ones that are specifically designed to look like a hair product from a particular time period, while true vintage clips are those that were actually manufactured in the era they represent. Some people use them to complete costumes, while others use them as day-to-day fashion accessories. Typically, vintage hair clips will mention “true vintage” in the listing.

What kinds of geometric hair clips can you buy?

Geometric hair clips are a cute way to add a dramatic and swanky vibe to your hairdo. Options include stars, crowns, and rectangles. In addition to barrette-style geometric clips, there are other styles such as hair claws. Use the different styles on the sides or back of your hair whether your hair is all in an updo, down, or a combo of up and down. Some geometric hair clip options that are more beautifully ornate than others, such as ones that feature artificial pearls or rhinestones and would incorporate well into a wedding hairdo.

Are holiday hair clips available?

Hair clips are available for almost every occasion, including holidays. Some of the options include glittery bows, penguins, and Christmas trees for Christmas, skeleton hands and spiders to add spookiness to a Halloween outfit, and Easter eggs, tulips, and adorable pastel chicks for Easter. There are also holiday hair accessories, such as cat or bunny ears, that clip into the hair (instead of being attached to a headband) to top off a head-to-toe costume.