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Women's Headbands

Headbands are one of the most popular hair accessories because they are both practical and stylish. You can find headwear in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Whether you want a flapper-style turban or an athletic Prana band, it is easy to find a piece that works with your hairdo and matches your outfit.

How can you use headbands in your hairstyles?

There are many ways to accessorize your hair with a headband.

  • Hair-down styles: Many women push their hair back with a headband while leaving their hair down. This hairdo can be worn with the band on top of or behind bangs.
  • Hair-up styles: Women often use a headband with an updo when they want to liven up a ponytail with hair accessories.
  • Girly styles: Girls can wear a head wrap even when they do not have a lot of hair. It is perfect for making a person look more feminine or even adding a touch of edge.
  • Athletic styles: Use a Prana or Lululemon thick band to keep hair out of your face while exercising.

How can you find a comfortable headband?

Women's hair accessories do not have to pinch the head or pull the hair when the right size is selected. Pick a thick headband to distribute pressure evenly. Headbands with comb teeth will sit more firmly yet comfortably. Other comfortable options for girls include stretchy fabric head wraps, skinny head wraps that are more lightweight, and even bandannas or scarves styled right can act as comfy and trendy headbands.

What are popular women's headband materials?

  • Fabric: Fabric-wrapped plastic is the most popular material. Some types have so much fabric that they look like a turban or head wrap. A thick headband made of fabric can have a long trailing end to look like a scarf. A fabric scarf band may be tied with a knot, or it might have elastic to stretch over the head.
  • Leather: Both skinny and thick headbands often have a leather finish. Black leather accessories can add edge to any outfit.
  • Wood: This type of headwear has a warm, natural finish. Since wood does not stretch, be sure to grab the appropriate size.
  • Plastic: Women's accessories made from plastic are a great choice because they come in many bright colors.

What are good headbands for brides?

Bridal headwear is a great way to make any bride look beautiful for her special occasion. A headband can be attached to a veil, or it can be more of a forehead band or a tiara. Bridal hair bands are typically white and decorated with sparkling beads or metallic designs. Women often choose accessories with an elastic band or clips to fix the band into a bridal hair updo.