Yellow Gold Fine Rings

Yellow Gold Fine Rings

With its warm hue and soft shine, yellow gold can be used to create beautiful fine jewelry. Fine rings of yellow gold are available in many styles, ranging from simple wedding bands to elaborate rings set with sapphires, emeralds, rubies, or diamonds. To find a yellow gold ring for your needs, you will need to carefully consider your size, preferred style, desired stone, and jewelry needs.

How do you find your size for a ring?

Ring sizes are based on the circumference of your finger. To accurately measure your finger, wrap a piece of string around the area where you want to wear the ring, and then use a millimeter ruler to measure the string. Once you have your finger measurement, compare it to this size chart to find some common whole sizes. Smaller, larger, and half-size bands are also available.

  • 5: 49 millimeters
  • 6: 52 millimeters
  • 7: 54 millimeters
  • 8: 57 millimeters
  • 9: 59 millimeters
  • 10: 62 millimeters
What is the difference between types of gold?

Most yellow gold is mixed with other metals to help it resist scratching and warping. Gold purity is measured in karats, which are different from the carat measurements used for gemstones. You can typically find yellow gold rings in these karatages:

  • 24k: This is pure gold; it has a bright yellow color and is relatively soft compared to gold mixed with other metals.
  • 18k: 18 karat bands have 75% gold and 25% copper or silver. Gold of this purity is often used for diamond rings.
  • 14k: 14 karat yellow gold is 58% pure, and is common for wedding bands.
  • 10k: 10 karat is 41% gold and often quite durable.
What styles of rings use yellow gold for bands?

You have many styles to choose from when looking for gold rings. There are bands that use the metal itself as the ornament, as well as ones that use gold to display diamonds and other stones.

  • Wedding bands: Wedding bands are typically plain without any diamonds or other gems. They may have a smooth or engraved surface.
  • Engagement rings: Diamond rings are one prevalent form, but other stones like sapphires are occasionally used.
  • Signet: Frequently used for mens jewelry, these have a wide, flat surface along the front. They may also feature decorative engraving.
  • Fine jewelry: Decorative pieces with elaborate designs may be made of yellow gold alone, or feature precious or semiprecious gems set in the metal.

There are also some pieces that have a two-tone design, incorporating another type of gold - or another metal altogether - into the design. Two-tone rings can fall into any of the above categories.