Choose the Right 48-Port Switch

When you have a home network, a router with three or four switches to connect your computer can do the job, but when you have an office network, you may need a more robust solution. This is where a good 48-port switch comes in handy because these devices will let you connect several computers and servers to a single wired network so that your connected computers can share the bandwidth. eBay has a wide variety of 48-port switches so that you can stay connected.

Can these 48-port switches be installed on a rack?

Typically, these switches have a flat design that makes them stackable. Each also usually has mounting brackets on the side so that you can quickly install them on a rack. With this functionality, you can quickly and easily install several switches of this type using crossover cables to accommodate a wider range of networked computers.

What are some useful features to be found in switches?

When youre in the market for one of these products, some of the features you can look out for include:

  • QoS - Sometimes, certain machines need more bandwidth, and with a Quality of Service feature, you can prioritize the traffic heading to your connected computers.
  • Management support - This feature will allow you to manually disable or enable ports at will.
  • LACP - This stands for Link Aggregation Control Protocol, and the feature can help large-scale businesses by bundling ports together so that they perform seamlessly.
What is a 48-port switch?

A 48-port switch allows for wired networking across a large number of computers. As a result of the connection that each device shares, each computer has access to the networks full transmission speeds. If you have more than 48 machines running on a single switch, you can increase the number of connections by using a crossover cable, which can connect your current 48-port switch to another switch. There are many 48-port switches that can be found using the eBay filter.

What is a 48-port switch with PoE?

PoE stands for Power over Ethernet, and 48-port gigabit switches with this feature allow you to send an electrical current through the data cables so that the device can run without a power cable. This is a great way to help minimize the number of wires needed to run a network, which can be useful for a switch with 48 potential connections and 48 potential Ethernet cables.