Retail Jewelry Gift Boxes

Retail Jewelry Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are small containers that are designed to package up jewelry in an elegant and stylish way. These gift boxes come in many sizes and shapes as well as colors, like black and white, that will fit all types of small items for easy storage. While utilizing these boxes for gifts is the most common purpose, there are many other practical uses for them such as organizing collections of small items and making crafts.

What types of gift boxes are there?

Gift boxes can be many shapes, sizes, and styles. The boxes commonly come in standard designs for rings, bracelets, pendants, watches, and necklaces and are usually constructed of either cardboard, metal, or plastic. Some of these boxes have attached lids that have a hinged spring for opening and closing, and some have unattached lids that fit snugly over the bottom of the containers. Jewelry gift boxes can be covered in material such as satin, velvet, or a shiny protective paint. Many gift boxes have removable inserts that help hold the jewelry in place.

Which types of gift boxes are suitable for jewelry storage?

While there are many types of gift boxes, it is better to package jewelry in boxes that are of a sturdy construction and offer some type of inner restraints for the jewelry. Gift boxes that have inserts with slots to place the jewelry chains in are ideal for keeping the chains untangled. Ring boxes with inserts with ring slits should be used for individual rings or pendants.

What are other uses for gift boxes besides gift giving?

Gift boxes can be used for many other things besides gift giving. These sturdy and rectangular boxes are ideal for making doll furniture for dollhouses and for fashion dolls. Chests of drawers can be easily made by using a set of three gift boxes that are the same size inside a larger box. Handles can then be attached to pull the drawers out. Tables, beds, refrigerators, and TVs are just some of the doll furniture that can be made.

Jewelry gift boxes are also good for storing small items like jewelry, buttons, loose change, art supplies, and many other items inside of drawers. The small, rectangular, and sturdy jewelry boxes are perfect for sorting and storing these types of items in order to easily find and use them when needed. These gift boxes are also great for storing nails and bolts in tool chests.